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Hemp Extract & Pandemic Management

Updated: Jan 22

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. ”

— F. Scott Fitzgerald

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues its arduous spread, we’re unified as a global population in our desire to create and discover solutions to mitigate the pervasive impact of this disease on our lives. Fatigued from earlier lockdowns, we’re faced with a new ‘socially distanced’ freedom laden with anxiety and material physical risk while we wait hopefully for a 'return to normal' with widespread vaccine distribution. Whole plant hemp extract offers the benefits naturally derived anxiolytic (anxiety reducing) and anti-inflammatory qualities to better equip us against the Coronavirus pandemic. 

In the early stages of the pandemic, DankeSuper received a number of inquiries from customers and friends as to whether full spectrum hemp extract had any potential anti-viral qualities. Our initial response was research is too immature and the relationship to our immune system too complex to make any (even speculative) conclusions with any degree of confidence. That said, there has been rapidly growing body of research on full spectrum hemp's interaction with our bodies and its immune response.

  Based on our review of this work, our honest summary conclusion is ‘it’s complicated’.  That said, there are seemingly persistent observations that point to potential therapeutic effects of CBD rich hemp extract for individuals battling COVID-19. Specifically, full spectrum hemp been shown to contain powerful anti-inflammatory agents which can often act as an immunosuppressant. It’s these qualities that make it a potential therapeutic candidate for diseases such as lupus and malaria. Notably, the same diseases for which President Trump and Bolsonaro’s favorite unproven, off label, and potentially dangerous solution, hydroxychloroquine is actually intended to treat. 

More directly, the NY Post recently published an article: Scientists believe cannabis could help prevent and treat coronavirus that refers to early stage research that identified 13 strains C. Sativa strains that help modulate ACE2 expression in COVID-19 gateway tissues. The study specifically suggests further exploration of potential nebulizer / inhaler or oral administration based C. Sativa as a potential preventative and therapeutic treatment. Although, hemp extract in a MCT oil carrier base (such as DankeSuper tinctures) should target similar pathways while maximizing bioavailability. 

It almost feels beleaguered to highlight full spectrum hemp extract’s efficacy in anxiety management in the current environment, but it’s too important a consideration to neglect. The most consistent feedback we receive from customers in terms of the effectiveness of our products are material reduction in pain and anxiety, and there’s an ever-growing body of scientific research that supports this feedback. 

Our DS Series concentrations are specifically formulated to help enhance everyday mindfulness by reducing anxiety-induced distraction and improve functional performance. While our “super series” provides a more “clinical strength” solution to those suffering from moderate to severe anxiety, inflammation, and/or pain. DankeSuper tinctures only utilize full spectrum extract which has shown to be more consistently effective than isolates and mitigates inconsistencies in the experience such as a bell curve dosage response. 

In this increasingly risky and chaotic world, it’s important not to underestimate the potential impact exogenous stressors have on one’s judgement and overall well-being. Unfortunately, there is no panacea to address the increasingly complex environmental risk factors of persistent in our lives. That said, hemp extract exhibits significant potential as critically useful tool both within in the context of the current pandemic and beyond. 

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