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DS Special: Welcome To Our Lab

At DankeSuper, we’re constantly experimenting. Countless hours of research, testing, and thought go into each finished product we bring you. Our offices are littered with different iterations of our product that didn’t have the perfect formulation or flavor profile. The point is, we put a lot of time into our products. This means we can only bring so many of our crazy ideas to life, and man, do we have a lot. We didn’t like having to shelf some of our favorite ideas, so we created the DS Special Series.

The DS Special Series is our way of bringing you our latest experiments with the highest quality and efficacy. It serves as our laboratory. We get to take an idea and put it through our intense research and development process, bringing it to you at the highest possible quality. Then we let you decide if the idea was any good. If you like it, maybe it sticks around. If you don’t, then on to the next thing. This lets us get creative without worrying about whether or not the product sells.

With the Special Series, we’ve been experimenting with a range of artisanal flavor profiles, dosages, and synergistic ingredients. A previous Special Series release combined our hemp extract with Turmeric, resulting in an anti-inflammatory powerhouse. We also added lemon and ginger, which not only added to that anti-inflammatory magic but brought an incredibly soothing, well-balanced taste profile to the table.

Our latest offering is the DS Special Piña Colada. Boasting what is perhaps our most balanced taste profile, it really does turn any day into a beach day. We’ve combined pineapple, coconut, and lemongrass with a coconut MCT oil carrier and phytonutrient rich whole plant hemp extract base to bring you a tropical sunset in a bottle. The complimentary terpene profiles create a mild energizing effect, meaning you don’t have to wait for five o’clock anywhere to enjoy this piña colada. Give it a try, you'll be glad you did: DS Special Pina Colada.

Let us know what you think of the piña colada. What did you like about it? What could we do better? We’re always looking to improve, and make our next Special offering even better. We’re constantly conjuring plans for the Special Series, so stay tuned....

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