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Prior to the pandemic, DankeSuper operated a nascent collective of ethnobotanical focused apothecaries in New York, New Jersey and Arizona featuring our own line of full spectrum hemp products. In 2021 we are pleased to reintroduce our line of full spectrum products nationally at a
materially reduced price.

DankeSuper products offer transparency, quality and value. Our artisanal taste profiles, measured dosing and thoughtful design provide a unique and accessible experience. If you do not agree, let us know we'll refund you, and appreciate all feedback.

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I adopted my dog Raisin during the pandemic. Unfortunately, she had severe anxiety issues and behaved aggressively as a result. After the first 1/2 dropper of DS01 her personality transformed. I immediately tried it myself! Your product has been a warm comfort during a challenging year.

- Margot L, October 2020


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